evergreen vs evolution in business

Lately, I’ve been craving simplicity like never before. The delight in trying a new recipe and enjoying it outside together with my family and no flies. The joy of that first cup of hot coffee before anyone else has woken up for the day, and getting creative work done. The peace after crawling into my […]

Evergreen vs. Evolution: How to Hit Reset on Your Big Lofty Goals Without Losing Your Ever-Loving Mind

quality over quantity

Here’s just some of the advice I’ve seen floating around the Internet over the last two years. The list goes on. Draining, isn’t it? It seems our focus is on quantity over quality. But, despite this deafening advice, there are also people who will tell you the importance of quality over quantity. There’s truth in […]

Quality Over Quantity. Consistency Over Hesitancy.

roadpreneur experience

Perhaps it’s the explorer in me, but I’ve always been up for a good adventure. It’s why I chose to sign up to run a half-marathon when I’m anything but a runner. It’s why I started a business without knowing what I was doing, where I was going, or how I’d navigate getting there without […]

What To Do When You Feel Burnout Coming In Like a Bonfire

building a business from the backroads

Are you team Chiefs or team Eagles? Or are you team Rhianna? No matter what your answer is, it can’t be as uncomfortable as the one Mrs. Kelce gives today. If you’re not familiar with who this Super Bowl Sunday has been named after, it’s this gal — Donna Kelce, the mom of Travis Kelce […]

The Super Bowl of Launching: How to Take the “Yes, And” Approach to Building a Business From the Backroads

nomad entrepreneur

A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about how things are changing in the business world. This week, a few stats dropped into my inbox that proved the patterns hold across all industries. E-commerce is struggling to see growth too. Alibaba (the Chinese e-commerce GIANT) reported lower-than-expected growth, signaling a pretty steep slowdown. Amazon started laying off […]

Looking for Nomad Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Unlikely Places

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