Go inside a mastermind of four women discussing the foundations for designing a business that equips you to find joy, purpose, and fulfillment on your terms. 

THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU if you want to explore beyond traditional work norms, connect with the ideas percolating inside yourself, and unleash your voice to amplify your big ideas. 

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Discovering Something Greater

Reader Reviews

This book covers all the areas of entrepreneurship needed to be successful. It's not about the knowledge you have as an entrepreneur as much as it's about vision, self-image, balance, voice, and resilience. As I read through each chapter I felt like they were reading my mind and knew all the ups and downs I had encountered as a new business owner.

It was refreshing to hear I wasn't alone in how I struggled with the concepts covered in each chapter. I am an entrepreneur and now recommend this book to all my clients. It's empowering to read others' struggles that hit so close to home and be encouraged.

The book gives practical exercises you can do to overcome the challenges you may be facing. It was helpful for me. I know it will be so helpful for others!

Suzy W.

Prepare to be inspired to go after what you really want. This wonderful book certainly helped me to decide to go back to graduate school to become a therapist—one of my main goals that I have been putting off. Not only is it filled with personal, relatable stories, but it is also engaging and interactive.

It offers readers a glimpse of the real people, real struggles, and experiences, just like all of us. The openness of the readers about their thoughts and feelings is genuinely inspiring. The real-life experiences are exceptionally engaging. Readers will undoubtedly be captivated by the authenticity of this book.

This book is a beacon of inspiration and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging them to take the leap and make their visions a reality, sharing messages of hope and determination that are resonating.


Vision: Settle into your vision as co-author, Kristin Gudenkauf, shares actionable exercises to help you clarify what you want out of this crazy, beautiful life.

Self-Image: Get comfortable with yourself again as co-author, Mary Reiss Farias shares how you can shed limiting beliefs and paradigms holding you back, and move with more confidence than ever before.

Balance: Don’t let your life get to the point of burnout again by using the pillars outlined by co-author, Casie Rendon.

Voice: Hear from yours truly on how to use your voice to show up big for yourself and for those who need you with actionable tips for sharing your ideas with the world.

Resilience: Arm yourself with the grit it takes to pursue a less ordinary life using these tips offered by each co-author for staying resilient along the path to your something greater.

It’s time to remove the boundaries, renew your energy, and reignite confidence in yourself. 

Discovering Something Greater is an invitation to bring into focus the passion project stirring within your heart and the encouragement to take the next steps with confidence, conviction, and clarity. 

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Reader Reviews

Discovering Something Greater is a book from which anybody can benefit. When I read it, I felt as though each author was speaking directly to me, as opposed to a text book read.

While the four co-authors touch upon different subjects and ideas, the inspiration and encouragement of each section of this book compliment each other.

A highly motivational and supportive book which will encourage anybody to stay focused and on track with his or her goals and endeavors. I will read this book more than once.

Nancy Ann

This book gives me so much insight into my purpose. I love how it reads and it is great to hear from different authors. I can't say enough good about this book.

Tye Jae H.

Reading this felt like getting advice from a friend. It was authentic, approachable, relatable, and packed with plenty of pearls of wisdom. It was a very motivating read!


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