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So Shouldn't You Sound Like One?

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Balancing original content creation and everything else in your business isn't easy.

You get how important good copy is, but how do you show up consistently, creatively, and confidently? So glad you asked...

... because regularly sharing your ideas and putting your voice out there doesn't just happen with the flip of a switch. It requires what I call the 3 Is:

Intentional messaging because confusion doesn't sell; clarity does.

Inspirational allure to get your readers to feel something with every single word you put on the screen.

Interesting prose getting your audience to actually get excited about what you're about to share, turning halfway interested eyeballs into wholehearted fans who will share your business in every room they can because it's just that good.

Kick perfectionism outta here! it's time to show up fully as yourself and attract the best people to your business as a result.

I believe that business has been turned on its head. No longer are people drawn to perfect pitches and perfectly curated feeds. We crave the real side of doing business. 

In today's noisy world, humans are naturally drawn to others who show up authentically, smiling with their eyes and speaking from their heart. Typos? They make you real. Grammar errors? They make you sound conversational. Personality-infused copy? They kickstart that critical relationship through a glass rectangle.

When it comes to selling in a way that lets you live a more freedom-focused life — the kind that lets you chaperone every field trip, travel midweek to avoid busy campgrounds, and say yes to impromptu afternoon wine chats with friends — your words are what will act as your salesforce while you're off living life again.

Hey, I'm Kimberly

I want nothing more than to see others feel excited about life. The adventures outside and on the road. The roller coaster ride that keeps you on your toes. The unexpected laughs that almost make you pee your pants. The singing that comes from deep within your heart and moves you to tears. 

And I'm a firm believer that the only way to get these life-building moments is to let your story be heard, shared, and potent enough to get people to buy. That's where I come in...