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Save Your Seat

Just imagine it.

If you could uplevel your copy and craft compelling content, maybe then you’d…

Pull off your cloak and start showing up more freely as yourself because you’ll feel more confident in what you’re putting out into the world and less like you need to fit in through generic buzzwords (yawn).

Look forward to writing each week because you have the benefit of creative, compelling, and can’t-wait-to-read newsletters, blog posts, and social media captions to keep you showing up.

Raise your prices and stop discounting your value, using liquidation-style signage all over your social feed and website.

Take more time away from your computer because you’re so stinkin’ confident that your words can make the sales talking for you while you’re getting excited by life again on the road, at the lake, or camping without cell service (ahhh). 

Get more subscribers and followers just because people freaking adore you, and it’s all thanks to the words you splash on the screen in front of them, making your audience feel something so deeply that they can’t wait to share YOU with their friends… and on it goes.

Rich with money? Sure! But also rich attention (today’s hardest-earned currency), rich with joy for your work, rich with purpose, rich with time, and rich with the ability to speak your mind. 

That's why I’m on a mission to help freedom-focused entrepreneurs quit their boring jobs, disconnect around more campfires, stop waiting for retirement to have fun, and sleep better knowing their ideas are doing the heavy lifting for them 24 hours a day. 

Stellar Copy Will Make You Rich

Option 1: Up Your Copywriting + Content Marketing Skillset

Take matters into your own hands with courses that guide you through my unique process for planning and crafting glitzy words that sell.


This is for you if:

You like writing most of the time but you want to elevate your words.

You’re looking to bring more attention to your business but don’t necessarily need to break the Internet in the process.

You’re on a tight budget (#beenthere) but you want to do things right instead of playing the guessing game that can set you way back.

For any entrepreneur with a website, social media account, and/or email list.

Jump in immediately with on-demand learning experiences.

Updated regularly so you can keep learning and growing your skillset.

Option 2: Work 1:1 With Kimberly

I’m rolling up my sleeves for you! Let me elbow-deep into your message, pulling out specific types of copy for you to plug and play on your website or pinpoint the exact areas to get your voice back into alignment so you can sell, sell, sell. 

work with kimberly

This is for you if:

You’re looking for an expert copywriter to pinpoint where your messaging is off and fine-tune your copy to convert.

You want personalized help finding your voice and honing your messaging so that you can write better, more effectively, and more confidently for your business.

You’ve tried writing independently but still don’t feel like your copy resonates the way you want it to.

For established entrepreneurs looking to uplevel fast

Personalized support to skyrocket your success

Get messaging you’re proud to put out into the wild.

Option 3: Content Creation Lab

Check content planning and creation off your to-do list each month with more ease and more enjoyment! Get the only planner you need to show up consistently, fresh templates to get out of analysis paralysis, and community to build fun (and networking) into the creation process. This is the content creation support you’ll never get by scrolling newsfeeds in hopes of finding inspiration.  

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This is for you if:

You want bite-sized steps, so you don’t have to eat the whole content creation elephant in one sitting.

You want ongoing support, copy editing, and a chance to network with other creative entrepreneurs.

Know you’re your worst roadblock, and you’re ready to get out of your own way to finally get more done.

For any entrepreneur wanting to build their blog and/or email list.

Done for you content planning and prompts delivered each month

leverage your voice to grow your business and your network




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