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Perhaps it’s the explorer in me, but I’ve always been up for a good adventure. It’s why I chose to sign up to run a half-marathon when I’m anything but a runner. It’s why I started a business without knowing what I was doing, where I was going, or how I’d navigate getting there without […]

What To Do When You Feel Burnout Coming In Like a Bonfire

building a business from the backroads

Are you team Chiefs or team Eagles? Or are you team Rhianna? No matter what your answer is, it can’t be as uncomfortable as the one Mrs. Kelce gives today. If you’re not familiar with who this Super Bowl Sunday has been named after, it’s this gal — Donna Kelce, the mom of Travis Kelce […]

The Super Bowl of Launching: How to Take the “Yes, And” Approach to Building a Business From the Backroads

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At the time of writing this, my husband is waiting anxiously at the airport for his flight back home. He’s been gone for three weeks and is finally ready to settle back into the routine he left behind at the beginning of the month. Last night, as he was getting packed and ready to leave, […]

How Do You Define Success as a Digital Nomad?

2023 marketing predictions

It’s that time when entrepreneurs declare their 2023 marketing predictions, and seemingly everyone sets goals, decides on their word of the year, and looks ahead to how they can make 2023 THEIR YEAR! If you’ve rolled up your sleeves and are committed to making this year the one that you finally start that business that […]

2023 Marketing Predictions for the Roadpreneur

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We’re in the thick of the holiday season, aren’t we? But that doesn’t mean you can’t think about how to grow your business in 2023 between things like: Holiday decorations. Holiday baking. Holiday movies. Shipping delays cause stress to our gift-giving routines. Forgotten recipients that have us scrambling to find the perfect last-minute gift without […]

How to Grow Your Business in 2023: Do The Unexpected

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If there were a richter scale of “UGH…😩” when it comes to frustration in the Roadpreneurial world, these statements would top the list: What exactly do you dooooo? That’s a big problem for Roadpreneurs, specifically, because we’re asked this more often than the average Joe since we meet so many new people at campgrounds. The […]

So What? A Concise Way to Answer the Campfire Question, “What Do You Do?”

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A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about how things are changing in the business world. This week, a few stats dropped into my inbox that proved the patterns hold across all industries. E-commerce is struggling to see growth too. Alibaba (the Chinese e-commerce GIANT) reported lower-than-expected growth, signaling a pretty steep slowdown. Amazon started laying off […]

Looking for Nomad Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Unlikely Places

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This week, I switched my title in my email signature to say, “Serial Roadpreneur.” That statement might seem snoozeworthy (and it is), but what’s coming next has some meat on the bones. Having started several businesses, from a hyperlocal media site (which I sold) to a copywriting and content marketing agency, and now to teaching […]

How to Be Successful as a Roadpreneur

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It’s a spooky Sunday! 👻 It’s also a great day to talk about sales. “Sales? On a Sunday? But whyyyy?!” Because the beauty of living a Roadpreneurial lifestyle is that sales opportunities happen every day, whether you realize it or not. And, because last Sunday, I witnessed someone blow a sales opportunity because of something as […]

Campfire Chats: Selling From Emotional Attachment

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I don’t know about you, but my thumb has gotten a workout every morning (and every day) for the past few years each time I open my inbox. Has yours too? Each time I open my inbox on my phone to look at my inbox, I start by choosing the selector option and highlighting all […]

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