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A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about how things are changing in the business world. This week, a few stats dropped into my inbox that proved the patterns hold across all industries. E-commerce is struggling to see growth too. Alibaba (the Chinese e-commerce GIANT) reported lower-than-expected growth, signaling a pretty steep slowdown. Amazon started laying off […]

Looking for Nomad Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Unlikely Places

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This week, I switched my title in my email signature to say, “Serial Roadpreneur.” That statement might seem snoozeworthy (and it is), but what’s coming next has some meat on the bones. Having started several businesses, from a hyperlocal media site (which I sold) to a copywriting and content marketing agency, and now to teaching […]

How to Be Successful as a Roadpreneur

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While living the RV life, you’re equipped with a map to get you to and from each campground. Wouldn’t it be nice if the same were true for running a business as an RV Entrepreneur? Next week, Kimberly Crossland, founder of Roadpreneur, will lead a free workshop, The Roadpreneur Roadmap to Easy $5k Months. Inside, […]

Roadpreneur Offers a Free Workshop for RV Entrepreneurs Working From the Road

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Every July, my husband and I like to tune into the Crossfit Games while camping. (Yes, while camping, don’t come at me for having a little TV time in the great outdoors). If you’re unfamiliar with Crossfit, it’s a sport that centers on functional fitness. There’s a lot of body weight stuff, a lot of […]

To Withstand the 2023 Marketing Changes, You Need This

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It’s a spooky Sunday! 👻 It’s also a great day to talk about sales. “Sales? On a Sunday? But whyyyy?!” Because the beauty of living a Roadpreneurial lifestyle is that sales opportunities happen every day, whether you realize it or not. And, because last Sunday, I witnessed someone blow a sales opportunity because of something as […]

Campfire Chats: Selling From Emotional Attachment

RV Entrepreneur Roundtable

Have you ever done something a little bit outside of your comfort zone? Like the kind of thing that has you rolling into an under-development campground with your stomach in knots as you try to navigate to the water fill station, knowing you’re about to meet a group of people who you’ve only ever talked […]

Top Takeaways From the 2022 RV Entrepreneur Roundtable

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“Would you ever go camping in Gorpcore?”  A friend of mine recently asked me that question, and I have to admit — I felt a little ashamed to have no clue what she was talking about. After all, I’m known as the “camping queen” in my circle of friends, so to be out on a […]

Would You Ever Go Camping in Gorpcore?

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I don’t know about you, but my thumb has gotten a workout every morning (and every day) for the past few years each time I open my inbox. Has yours too? Each time I open my inbox on my phone to look at my inbox, I start by choosing the selector option and highlighting all […]

Roadpreneur Campfire Chats: The First Edition

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