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A Copywriting Challenge For You

When was the last time you asked someone for money? I don’t mean to borrow a dollar to get a cup of coffee. I mean really asked for money.

In business, it’s our job to ask every day. And for most of us, that’s uncomfortable (to say the least). So, we cringe our way through the ask and then rush home when it’s time to leave the office eager to jump in the shower and wash away all the awkward conversations of the day.

Online, things are easier.

There’s a screen between you and the person you’re talking to.

Many times, you’re not even talking to the other person. She’s looking at your website without sales pressure from you.

You don’t even really have to make the ask in your blog, do you? After all, if they want something from you, they’ll be the one to make the ask, right? RIGHT?

Not quite. But asking for a money shouldn’t make you feel slimy. It should make you feel good.

How to Feel Better About Selling Your Thing

Business is complex. Sales are not.

You have something that will make someone’s life better. There’s someone out there that needs what you provide. When you two cross paths, and when your sales messaging is done right, that person is eager to hand over their hard-earned money in exchange for that better life.

The trick? You have to show your audience how you’ll make their life better. And that’s the key to copywriting.

Keep this in mind as you fill your website with content.

Ignore search engines (they’ll find you).

Ignore the competition (you’re not them).

Write to the person who needs to hear from you the most. While you do, remember how you’re improving their life. Remember WHY they need you. And WHY you’re in business.

Remember Your Purpose

But don’t stop there. Remind the world of your purpose. Because without you telling your audience how you’ll improve their lives, they’ll never know.

This is the sticking point for most people. You too?

It’s difficult because imposter sydrome (where you feel like an imposter) is a real thing and it impacts everyone at one point or another. EVERYONE.

You compare yourself to the competition and think, “am I good enough?”

You compare your story to others and think, “is mine worth reading?”

You compare your business to the one down the road and worry, “are they more interesting than I am?”

It’s a common trap to fall into but that doesn’t mean you have to stay there and get eaten alive. You have arms. You have legs. You have brains. And you have muscles. Fall in and then get out. And then, take this copywriting challenge.

A Copywriting Challenge for You to Do Today

Tell the world what you have to offer.

That’s it. Tell ‘em. And tell ‘em loudly.

If you have an email list built up, email it to them and then ask them to buy from you.

If you have a social media following, get a little self-promotion in today (it’s okay now and then). Ask them to buy something specific for you.

This won’t take up much of your time but it will help you break free from fear.

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and let your voice be heard. Because the people who need what you have to sell…

… need to hear from you and know how you’re available for them.

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