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Content Marketing is More Important Than You Think

Now that I’m with child, I’m honing in on the art of excuses.

  • “I can have a bowl of ice cream again tonight… I’m pregnant and baby wants it.”
  • “No, husband, I can’t cook the dinner again tonight… the smell of meat is making me sick.”
  • “I’m just going to take a little nap right here while you rip out that oversized Prickly Pear cactus from the front yard… I’m pregnant, ya know.” 

There might be some truth to the excuses (cooking meat really did make me sprint for the porcelain God during the first trimester) but these are excuses nonetheless.

Are you making these same types of excuses when it comes to content marketing?

There are exactly 283,721 reasons people won’t want to do content marketing (or any other type of marketing for that matter).

  • It’s too time consuming and you’re already overwhelmed with your to do list.
  • You aren’t creative – how will you ever come up with ideas?
  • Writing another blog post sounds about as fun as ripping out a giant cactus from your front yard.

Excuses are everywhere. Paired with just about every single one of those excuses is a better reason why you should stop avoiding the thing you’re avoiding. In this case – content marketing.

Yesterday, I received one of my favorite emails from Think With Google. In it was yet another reason why content marketing is so vital in today’s market.

Think With Google Stat

If you engage in any kind of television advertising, plan on the person whose interest you spiked to pick up herphone and Googling your business.

The easy part is getting found by name when she does. The hard part is answering her questions so your advertising dollars pay off.

This idea is known as “second screen.” It isn’t exclusive to television screens. Smartphones are often used in conjunction with tablets or computers. Look next to you right now. Is your phone sitting conveniently alongside you? I have mine here with me and your customer probably has hers within arms length too.

60% of the sales process is over before you know your customer is looking. 

Before a customer picks up the phone or engages a sales representative, she’s already done her due diligence to learn more about your brand. Much of her research time is spent with your content – what else? She’s listening to what you say to learn if she can trust you, if you’re likable, and if you’ll answer her needs.

Does your content give your customer an excuse to ignore what you’re selling or a reason to buy from you?

Blogging is one of the easiest types of content to produce. Unlike videos and podcasting, it’s easily consumable on any phone, tablet, or computer.

Still, many small businesses make every excuse in the book not to have a blog. They’re worried about it. They don’t see the benefits. They’re unsure of where to begin. They worry about negative comments from unhappy customers. You name it, I’ve heard the excuse.

These excuses won’t help you. Because regardless of why you’re avoiding your blog, videos, or podcast, your customer is looking at you online.

And when she is… she’s trying to find her own excuses to not spend money with you.

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