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How Julep Earned My Business With Smart Birthday Marketing

According to Dale Carnegie, there is no better sound to a person than her name. I’m willing to wager a bet that the second sweetest sound to a person is her birthday.

*Cue the confetti* Today is my birthday – or should I say the middle of my birth-week. I started celebrating early on Saturday when 15 family members came to my home. We filled our plates at the taco bar in my kitchen, devoured carrot cake and ice cream, and never seemed to stop smiling while we tossed the football. Birthdays are a blast, but only when they’re celebrated.

Marketers know this. We’re smart folks that capitalize on momentous occasions and give “gifts” like fishing lures into our ponds. Since I’m a self-proclaimed birthday diva, I willingly give out my birthday to businesses that ask for it knowing there’s likely a birthday gift on the other end. Sure enough, my mailbox and inbox have been stuffed with coupons since the start of the month. Some I’ve used. Many I haven’t. But each time I get one, I feel excited. It’s my birthday MONTH!

One company stood out from the birthday madness with an offer I couldn’t refuse. Julep.

While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw this:

Birthday MarketingIt’s a sponsored post from Julep with an offer for a free gift. All I had to do is tell them a little about my beauty style and a box of FREE full-size products would be sent to Vail, Arizona for me.

I was excited but skeptical. So many birthday offers require you to buy something. This one? It only required a few minutes of my time so they were sure to send the best stuff to my doorstep.

I went through the process and can’t wait to see what arrives in the mail. Regardless, the marketing worked. It was the only Facebook ad that directly spoke to me, the “birthday girl!”

Birthday marketing like this is so simple and effective. Here’s why it worked and what your business can learn from it too:

It All Starts With a Post

I don’t know the specifics of Julep’s social media strategy, but here’s how I would set up this type of ad on Facebook:

  1. They created a graphic and wrote a social media post.
  2. They sponsored the post to only reach women with a birthday in X month. This month it was July, next month it’ll be August.
  3. They probably limited the age range too, to only reach their target market.
  4. They set their spending amount and launched their campaign.

Easy! Julep knows birthdays are special. They also know that most companies offer a lukewarm birthday offer in their marketing, so they took it a step further and made it a freebie.

The Image Was Nice, but The Words Sold Me

I’m a copywriter so obviously one of the first things that struck me about this promotion was the copy. The post starts out with, “Hey birthday girl!” I knew it was for ME. Sure they likely promoted this to all women with a July birthday but it felt like it spoke directly to me.

The copy in the graphic stood out too. “Free Birthday Gift!” So many birthday gifts from companies come with strings attached. This one promised me a freebie. It was generously different and it stood out.

Pro tip: Copywriting pops off the page if your reader feels like you’re writing directly to her. This ad could’ve tried to reach more people by offering anyone who saw it a free beauty box. I probably wouldn’t have clicked if it did. Because the ad offered me, the birthday girl a free birthday gift, I was more intrigued. This offer was for me.

The Promotion Didn’t Stop on Social Media

The promotion didn’t stop there. When I clicked the link, I arrived on a well-crafted landing page. The page was created for this specific campaign – we’ll call it the birthday campaign.

When I arrived on the Julep website, the link in the ad took me to a page that looked like the graphic in this social media post. The verbiage was similar too. Not sure why that’ matters? Today’s customers are bombarded with promotions, pages, and marketing messages. Because this full marketing campaign sounded and felt the same from start to finish it continued to solidify my decision to click on the ad at every step of the process.

The Gift…

Once on the landing page, I was met with a few questions about what I loved, my style, and my interests. People love talking about themselves, myself included. The campaign took advantage of this self-indulgence and let me have a voice in the free gift I received. It made me feel like the team on the other side of the computer was creating this box exclusively for my tastes, humanizing the gift. I never felt like I was going to get some chincy promotional item I’d never use or a product from the deep, dark corners of their overstocked warehouse. I was getting something for me. 

The Gist

The mechanics of this campaign were simple in nature. Nothing about it was hard to execute. What made it a star birthday promotion was:

    • the copywriting in the post, the graphic, and on each page throughout the campaign. It immediately made the offer feel like it was meant for ME.
    • the way the campaign was designed to get to know my tastes and interests. It asked me questions and made me feel like I was in control of the purchase.
    • the generosity. Although I haven’t received my beauty box in the mail (I’m checking for it every day!) the company promised full-sized products. If their deliverable is anything like their marketing, I have no doubt this is going to be something I love.

Does your business do birthday marketing? Tell me about how you structure your campaigns in the comments below…

… until then, I’ll be stuffing my face with more birthday cake, while I anxiously watch out the window for the mailman to arrive with my beauty box.


  • Leah

    Happy Birthday Week!!! I celebrate all week too 🙂 I never seem to get birthday offers although I know I give mine out! This definitely get’s my brain thinking. Although in my business, I’m not sure the best way to get birthdays. I know my Ontraport has the functionality, just have to figure out a way to bring it into my system. But I’d love some ideas on how small business could do this. One thing I have noticed is that my google calendar will add birthdays of my contacts, which is awesome. I’m starting to notice some of my past clients popping up which is something I want to take advantage of knowing in order to send some love to them 🙂

    • Kimberly Crossland

      Thanks, Leah!! 🙂 When’s your birthday? I’ve noticed a few websites tacking on questions during the email sign up process, such as “tell me one fun fact.” Until recently, it’s always been about creating the least path to resistance, and it still is, but people love talking about themselves… maybe asking for a birthday (no year required!) would be a welcome question to answer instead of a hindrance? I’m thinking of trying it.

  • Lamisha

    Ohhh I love stuff like this! My birthday is coming up in August and I’ve been thinking of how to make the most of it in terms of marketing etc. Last year I hosted a HUGE birthday giveaway and gave away lots of fun gifts and prizes. This year I’m thinking of doing it in a few ways since my business is also having it’s birthday next month. Thanks for this!

    • Kimberly Crossland

      Good luck! I gave my email subscribers a free blog post checklist. No strings attached. I only wanted to give something to thank them for being there. From the feedback I received, it worked!

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