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How Writing Scored Me 300% More Leads Online

The other day I was on the phone going over the monthly analytics figures with one of my VERY FAVORITE clients, when he had an “ah-ha” moment.

It’s important to note that this “ah-ha” moment in particular is what my marketing dreams are made of.

He said, “Wow, so this blogging thing really does drive traffic to the website!”

He couldn’t see it, but I beamed on the other side of the phone like a little schoolgirl who was just granted the right to down a full sleeve of Thin Mints because she got an A on her test. I LOVE MOMENTS LIKE THESE! (And I LOVE Thin Mints… but I digress.)

In spite of my excitement over blogging success stories like the one this particular client experienced, and in spite of the glee I feel when I see the upward traffic arrow with each new post I publish…

… I let my own blogging slack off now and then.

Why. Do. I. Do. That. To. Myself?

More importantly, why do I do that to my client base?

Blogging has always helped me generate more leads online, and yet… I fail to show how or why that happens in a way that can help others achieve that same success.

Will You Come With Me Behind This Delightful Red Velvet Rope For a Second? (It’s Not as Creepy as it Sounds… I Promise.)

My New Year’s Resolutions (as ridiculous as New Year’s Resolutions might be) were to revamp my website (check) and schedule time into my week to blog for my business (check, check.)

So far, the results have exceeded even my own expectations.

Since January, I’ve shifted to the New Rainmaker platform… and I love it.

On this platform I can conduct keyword research a little faster and upload posts a little bit easier. With that, I am also able to eliminate every single excuse that has held me back from blogging for my business.

Then came the scheduling.

I plan to post every Thursday, but some days I get so excited I can’t help myself but to hit the keyboard and pound out a few thoughts. So far, I’ve consistently published at least one blog per week since the start of the year. And guess what…

I’ve gotten an influx of work and leads! So much, in fact, that I almost have more than I can handle.*

*If I ever have more than I can handle, I have a few stellar writers that I lean on for help now and then, so don’t let that discourage you. We can still be friends and work together.


As soon as I started practicing what I preached, my business started to surge forward… And yours can too.

Two Lessons Here:

1. You have to do damn work.

For too long, I put client work ahead of my business because, let’s face it, it’s easy to sit down at the computer, look over the day’s to-do list, get distracted by a super-fun project that you’re working on, and ignore your own business’s needs. It’s not that you don’t love your business too, but when push comes to shove, the other ridiculously exciting project pays the bills. 

You want that money in your pocket, like, yesterday, so you’re going to put the money making projects first.

That all sounds like a good idea until the money well runs dry and you’re left scrambling for the next client. Because guess what? Marketing your business might not deposit a $10,000 paycheck into your bank account tomorrow… but it will in a few months when you knock the socks off that new client who found you through your marketing efforts. By then you’ll be happy you put in a little extra effort to keep that business humming right along.

You have to put in the work to bring new business your way. That could mean spending a few extra minutes with the person you hire to ghostwrite for you on your blog. Or it could mean spending a little more time thinking about the words you’re using to sell your business.

Schedule yourself into your week and day. It’ll pay off in dividends.

2. You have to put yourself on the line.

Nerd Alert! Some of you get your kicks on roller coasters. I get mine through the “Publish” button.

It might seem easy enough to hide behind a screen and hit publish… until it’s time to actually send all your inner thoughts, dreams, and ideas out into the universe to be read, ridiculed, and judged. It’s quite the adrenaline rush. Don’t believe me? Try it sometime.

If you want to create a stir and infatuate your leads with your awesomeness, you’ve gotta put yourself out there.

One of my favorite bloggers is Erika Napoletano. We’re worlds apart in our view point on some things but I respect the hell out of her for the way she takes life by the cajones and shares her point of view. If you add some spice, opinion, and passion to your writing, your audience will show you that same respect… and give you the business because of it.


Sit down at your computer and pour your heart and soul onto the screen. Expose yourself (not in that way.) Choose a topic that your audience wants to know more about from you and give ’em the goods.

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few blogging ideas to get your mind going.

The point is to start.

… because if you don’t start, you’ll miss that delightful “ah-ha” moment and just keep getting the same frantic, desperate feeling you’ve been getting while trying to find those perfect new clients month after month.


  • Nick Dubow

    Good Morning Kimberly :
    it’s always refreshing to read your blog, your practical and Funny all in one breath

  • Jeff Logsdon

    I’ve always felt writing is an artistic expression. I appreciate your style. Here’s hoping those a-ha moments will drive you towards making huge impacts in Vail!

  • Naomi Liddell

    Loved this post Kimberley, especially the bit about having to do the work and balance the business development. My secret for this is devoting Mondays to ONLY doing business development! It’s a gentler start to the week and it allows me to really focus on where I’m steering my ship.

  • Stacey Fuller

    Can I say I know how you feel. I’ve done exactly the same thing letting my blog posts slide. Your post is the motivator I need to get back on to it coz I know I’m doing my client base and myself a disservice by not getting out there! Thank you!!!!

    I’m also guilty of putting client work over business needs. I’ve just given my self a timetable with non-negotiable time blocks for business work and other things I know I must do (and still maintain work-life balance). Thanks again!

    • kimberly crossland

      Maintaining a work-life balance is important too, Stacey! Enjoy both the professional and personal times.

  • Mallie Rydzik

    I fell out of content creation during a launch in February–how counterintuitive, right?! I think for me I still need to find a balance between “here is valuable, actionable, practical information” posts and “hey, I’m a person too, with thoughts and stuff about my industry” posts. The latter are 1) more fun to write 2) more engaging 3) more likely to get comments.

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