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I'm Kimberly Crossland, a writer and digi-marketer. I'm one of the weird ones that digs the freedom of a blank screen and the opportunities of a flashing cursor.

But I get it... You started your business for freedom. The freedom to order the better bottle of wine (because you can). To treat your friends to dinner. To sip mojitos on the beach. To go to dance recitals and baseball games. To wake up late on the weekends and not dread the sound of the alarm clock on Mondays. To go on boat rides and bike trips. To live life doing what you love… because always live life for love.

When you're stuck in front of your computer struggling to find the perfect words to make your next sale, you're not free. You're fumbling.

Let's join forces. I'll write for your business and you'll reap the benefits of more cash flow, fun, and freedom.

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What if your website could work as a magnet for leads and dollar bills, so you could sit back and sip wine instead of pounding the pavement? I know what your buyer wants to hear. I'll put it on the screen for you

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Content Marketing

Leave the writing to me because finally! You can check blogging off your to-do list and start spending the hours you would've spent writing doing something else fun, like paddleboarding or mountain biking.

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Content-Driven SEO

It's pretty simple: You can't sell if people don't know you're around. Bring more people to your digital-corner, and then make 'em fall madly in love with you through content-driven SEO.

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Find your edge, freshen up your voice, and flex your business building muscles.


Jeff Ross, a Maximum Security Prison, and the Psychology of Selling

Have you ever listened to a good roast? You know, the kind of stand up comedy where someone gets pummeled with insults while everyone laughs? I’d heard a few roasts before, but it wasn’t until a recent drive in June on the boring stretch of I-10 between El Paso and Tucson that I fell in love […]

Birthday Marketing

How Julep Earned My Business With Smart Birthday Marketing

According to Dale Carnegie, there is no better sound to a person than her name. I’m willing to wager a bet that the second sweetest sound to a person is her birthday. *Cue the confetti* Today is my birthday – or should I say the middle of my birth-week. I started celebrating early on Saturday when 15 family […]


Why Creating Deeper Human Connections is a Smart Business Move

It was 8 a.m. on a Thursday morning when I found myself lurching down a busy Copenhagen street on a big yellow bus toward my office. How could I work today? Moments earlier, I’d presented myself at the Udlændingstyrelse – the Danish immigration office. For ten months, I’d waited to hear whether or not my […]

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"If you want exceptional content—and would like your experience to be a pleasant one—Kimberly is the right person for the job." - Hannah McNaughton

"Kimberly Crossland has been an amazing person to work with! She has helped my business go viral and has made a huge difference in our work load." - Terry Newman

“Kimberly helps me with blog content for clients. I can always rely on her being responsive and meeting or beating deadlines." - Susan Payton

"Kimberly feels comfortable wearing many hats, truly loves what she does and therefore gets good results. Most importantly Kimberly has an engaging personality and is easy for both myself and staff to work with." - Mike Adams

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