Writing is tough.

That's why I'm here.
I'm Kimberly Crossland.
I blog and create websites for
brave entrepreneurs like you.
Why? Because you deserve
to love your life and business.
And that's not easy to do if you're stuck
behind a computer screen struggling to
find the perfect words.

I'm In!

Savvy Copywriting

Is your current website working more like a digital placeholder than a sales machine? Don't have a website yet? It's time to give your business a voice online with a website that works as hard as you. With my help, you'll look and sound amazing online with copywriting designed to make you money.

Let's Do This!

Savvy Content

Wouldn't it be nice if you could hit a "stop" button once in awhile and finally finish up that blog post you've been meaning to write? Help has arrived. I'll write the words that'll position you as an expert and help you build an audience of adoring fans. You choose the frequency and I'll make it happen.

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Savvy SEO

It's not enough to launch a website. It needs continuous love, care, and strategic updating. I can help with that by digging into the details of what's working and what's missing the mark - and then making the necessary updates to help you continue to stand out online.

Help Me Out!

Marketing Tips

Website Content

Confidence vs. Angst: What Your Website Content Says About You

There I was, driving down the street when I saw it: A sign that said, “Eager to Close!! Seller Will Pay All Closing Costs!!” (Yes, the explanation marks were included on the damn sign.) At the time, I was in the housing market. That sign was meant to attract people like me. It didn’t work. My […]

Blog Topic Ideas

How to Find Blog Topic Ideas

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” ~ John le Carre Have you ever had that terrifying feeling of staring at a blank screen knowing you had to fill the white space in front of you with words? Me too. No matter how seasoned of a writer you are, panic […]

Danish inflence

The Danish Influence On My Life as a Writer

As I laced up my walking shoes to meet my grandma, mom, aunt, and adopted aunt, I heard the news – Shots fired at a cafe in Copenhagen. My heart stopped. Not only are terrorist attacks horrific on many levels – this one felt different. This one happened in a place I used to call “home.” […]